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UPDATE: A Screen Versions of the Base Maps are available as demos.

The Map of the Known World is a game asset  for the Rules Light TTRPG MÖRK BORG.

The Known World of Mörk Borg - Classic & Extended

The Known World of Mörk Borg

Each game evolves at the table, where we congregate to celebrate the victory of Nechrubel over the Li... I mean, where we explore the dying Wörld of Mörk Borg. The spartan information from the book is a blessing, which gives us freedom to expand the lore of the world as we keep exploring and dying in it.

This map was created to help the GM, to fill the world of Mörk Borg with more details and mysteries for their players to unearth.

Inside this package you will find:

  • An Expanded Map with many new locations to explore.
  • A Classic Map with only the locations named in the Core Rulebook.
  • A PSD file to edit the Map yourself.

You can find the Minimal Rules for MÖRK BORG here:

    The Map of the Known World is an independent production by Vandel J. Arden of Arden Games and is not affiliated with Ockult Örtmästare Games or Stockholm Kartell. It is published under the MÖRK BORG Third Party License.

    MÖRK BORG is copyright Ockult Örtmästare Games and Stockholm Kartell.

    Copyright © 2021 Arden Games

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AuthorVandel Arden
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Buy Now$4.00 USD or more

In order to download this Map you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $4 USD. You will get access to the following files:

MörkBorg_Map_Classic_01.jpg 3 MB
MörkBorg_Map_Extended_01.jpg 4 MB
MörkBorg_Map_OPEN_FILE.psd 46 MB
MörkBorg_Map_BLANK.jpg 3 MB

Download demo

MörkBorg_Map_Classic_PREV.jpg 187 kB
MörkBorg_Map_Extended_PREV.jpg 207 kB

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I have a doubt: in expanded map, where the locations came from? Other suplements, or your own creation?

mostly my own creations. That’s why there are both versions. 


I love this interpretation of the Mork Borg and have purchased it. :-) One question - there are labels for the cities but no icons/graphics to represent them - do you know the location of the cities?


nope, it’s relatively unclear in the source too. So I just make things up. Feel free to place dots 


This is a gorgeous piece of artwork, thank you for making it! I swung by because I'm working on my own world map as part of a larger gazetteer project, and just wanted to ask your blessing. I won't touch any of your original stuff, of course, just want to avoid treading on toes C=

can you explain more?

So the project is still fairly fuzzy, but it'll be a collection of (hopefully) interesting places to drop in-game.  If it helps any, my early map sketch is pretty drastically different to yours. I just wanted to make sure that I wasn't going to cause any trouble or upset by publishing my own version of the world

So the screen versions of the maps are available as demos now. Also a new Blank version of the map.

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Will you be offering Community copies of the maps? Thanks.

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Thanks for the excellent map Mr. Arden. I colored it up with the Mork Borg color scheme and printed it 20x30 full color (although in the poster print, the magenta isn't as vibrant as it was on my RGB display). It's good enough for me though and now my group has a nice big map when we play :)

Mork Borg Map Extended Color

Your colorized version looks sick; I love it!

This looks really awesome. Would you mind sharing it if the creator is fine with it?

I'm fine with sharing the color version, but I don't think Arden would want that, as he is selling it.  If you buy the map (it isn't expensive), Arden makes it fairly easy to colorize the map yourself with photoshop.  If I recall correctly, he even includes the PSD file.  Then after you color it to your satisfaction you can print it for like $35 at a Walgreens print shop or wherever.  If Arden posts here that he is OK with me sharing the color file, I can post a PNG of it somewhere.  It is a high res file at 6248x8026.  A PNG of it would be around 22 meg file size.  Or he is also welcome to have the file and can make it available as part of his download.  But I imagine he could do a much better job of coloring it himself.  He is the artist after all ;)

Thanks for coming back to me. I already colored it myself and ordered a cloth map from deepcutstudio with this design :)

feel free to share a picture of the final thing :)

thanks for your reply ! 

Feel free to send it over and I can upload it to the mix and put your name on the page regarding a colored version

Arden, Just saw your comment now.  It is not evident to me how I can communicate privately with you where you can grab the file.  Do you have an email address you can share here?  Unless you are OK with me uploading somewhere for anyone to grab?  Let me know.

ummm true. Do you have any mail I can reach out to? 

only 1 sale away from the updated maps 🤩


Crazy! I am away for a week and will than update this with new content.

oh gosh it’s been ages. I will update in March 😅

Hi Vandel! Do you think to create an hex map? If I buy it now, do I will have access to new maps that you create after?

yess and yes. New maps will be linked in this account. And a hex version will also come.


New additional maps are incoming soon. 

Are there still new maps incoming?

yes, sorry it was delayed

Exactly what i need.

my pleasure. 

I will add detailed maps of each region soon

This is awesome but...

There needs to be an interactive map that is set up with all 3rd party work involved in each area.

That would be awesome :D 

No Idea how to do that though