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Strap on your blades, undust your mantle, pack the book of lore! Darkness is calling you inside the maze of your nightmares. Blood runs deep in the ashen deadlands in the season of the Beasts. Fight, loot & defy death!

In this micro version of Blades in the Dark, the players are pitched against an overwhelming Darkness. The Lords of the Palid Sun have risen and with them, the legions of the dim Carcosa. Can you and your rag tag band of Sellswords venture into the eldritch realms and defy death itself?

UPDATE 23.05.2019: Rules Card + 4 Character Class Playbooks are ready for play. This is the basic version of the game, all pending cards are add ons to the basic game. Please let me know if you have tried the game.

Finished items in Bold.

  • Full released planned for 30+ Cards
  • Rules Card
  • 4 Basic Class Playbook Cards (Sellsword/Shadecloak/Lore Seeker/Magistrate)
  • 4 Advance Class Playbook Cards
  • Item Card
  • Settlement Downtime Card
  • 8 Bestiary Cards
  • 4 Lords of the Palid Sun Cards
  • 4 Location Cards


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Micro Blades - Rules.zip 717 kB
Micro-Blades Character Playbooks 1-4.zip 1 MB
Micro-Blades Character Playbooks 6-8.zip 177 kB
Microblades_Character_Gunhound.tif 657 kB
Microblades_variante_3.psd 4 MB
Microblades_Character_Magistrate_02.tif 658 kB

Development log


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I just discovered this. It’s pretty great. My question is, what makes it grimdark? And where do I find the setting material you’ve described?

oh that material needs to be put up still. Working on a second edition of the micro game currently 

I’m really impressed by the simplicity of MB and how it seems to really stick to the original. It’s like a “better” world of… How will 2e be different? Do you have a blog?

ummm no blog, maybe I should do one. I will notify you

Is this still being updated?

not till now. I should update it ! 


Hi there,

I got reminded by pure serendipity about this terrific Micro Blades. Any update on it? Are you likely to improve and/or complete it in the future?

Hi Bruno, I just ran BitD today actually. Yes, it is on my agenda to finish and expand it. Do you have suggestions what you like to get next?


I'm not sure I could suggest anything precisely.
The plan is on this very page, with the unfinished items vs. finished items. Any of them would be a great addition ;o)

Haha, ok.

  • Item Card
  • Settlement Downtime Card

may I point at a few typos in the rules files? There are several occurences of "multible" instead of multiple (at least in the "Microblades_Rules_A.tif" file)

Hi Bruno, nice to see you around. Sure, Let me know and I will correct it. Thanks!

Deleted 74 days ago

How about some Call of Cthulhu vice here?

INVESTIGATORS: Seekers of Eldritch Truths against the Dark


Oh! Maybe it can be another micro hack. With fewer actions and perhaps the rules are still simpler. I love Mithos :P

ohmy no idea how to cut shorter 😅

it seems a lot of people already downloaded this. Let me know if you have played it 😊


Hi VandelArden. I've seen this hack and I think is awesome. I would like to translate it to Spanish and I am asking me if will be any problem. Of course, I will do this for free and I'll share it with the spanish community for free as well if you think is OK. Or maybe you can "add" the Spanish version to your pack and would be more honest. 

What do you think? 


Hi Wallace, please do so and send it to and I will upload the Files here. I would prefer if they can find it at one place. Let me know if you have any problem with the PSD file of the game.

If you find any errors or unclear detail let me know and I will try to improve it.

And also include a new card with your details so people do know that you have translated it. Best regards, Vandel

(1 edit) (+1)

Ok, thanks.

I'm on it. Anyway, I just translated the Gunhound card and this one two Special Abilities with the same name. I don't know if this is on purpose or not.


ok I will correct that! Didn’t saw that before

(1 edit) (+1)

I don't know if It is a typo in The Golden Wheel from the Artificier: Access zu the local Artificiers Guild. And some times you use 1d and anothers 1D. It is silly but it is better to put everything in the same way (or as in the original BitD).

I only have to translate one of the rules cards and change the Gunhound Special Abilitie name, today I'll finish it if you say the new name. How can I share it to you?


Game looks cool, bought it! Btw, Magistrate is spelt Magisrate on the sheet

a thanks! I correct it asap and reupload it.

Deleted 74 days ago

3 new Character Classes Uploaded

I am working on the Carcosa Location card :)

So the Basic Rules Card is done, front & backside. The Charactersheets come a bit later. And wow, people are already downloading it? :o

Oh wow, a person just made the first payed download :o I am amazed. But dont worry more content comming asap!