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the Micro Blades are coming soon. At the moment I am still figuring out the detailed Special Abilities for the Character Cards. This Design is heavily influenced by Nate Tremes' Pamphlet Dungeon Jam and other creative input on Twitter.

Here is what I have so far from the Darklands draft:


Brute: Add 1E to any close combat damage dealt.
Army of One: No penalty vs. group of enemies.
Warforged: Add 1D to physical resistance rolls.
Ironclad: Armor Weight -1 and no movement penalty.
Battleborn: Protection vs. physical Harm.
Leader: Roll Lead to give allies +1D for 2S during battle.


Assasin: Stealth attacks from hiding deal double Effect. Spy: Gathering Informations add 1 Success Level.
Reflexes: You are faster and can't be surprised.
Infiltrator: Add 1D vs. obstacles and traps during infiltration.
Shadow: Protection vs. detection. 1/Session.
Thief: Prowl Group Roll/Help +1D. Max 1 stress.


Sharpshooter: Allows exceptional range attacks.
Herbalist: Allows foraging and herbal medicine.
Beast Tamer: Train an animal companion.
Hunter's Mark: Gain 1D vs. marked Prey.
Survivalist: Protection vs. Nature.
Guide: Travel Group Roll +1D. Max 1 stress.


Devine Touch: Attune with enhanced senses. See Blight.
Choosen Ones: Attune devine powers. Charisma: Influence reach Groups and add 1 Effect.
Visions: ttnune to receive devine guidance & visions.
Blessed: Protection vs. Arcane & Blight. 1/Session.
Quest: Group Roll Attune for +1E vs. Blight.


Arcane Adept: Learn one Arcane Art.
Master of Secrets: Learn up to new 2 Arcane Arts.
Astral Access: View & travel the astral realms.
Ancient Lore: Understanding lost & ancient knowledge.
Wise: Protection vs. Arcane Arts.
Enchanter: Roll Lore to give 1 arcane effect/2S. 1 Duration.


Familiar: Gain a familiar companion.
Medium: Conjure ghosts & Spirits.
Spiritist: Command spirits of the nature.
Banishing: Neutralize Arcane/Devine Powers.
Mystic Guidance: Protection allows 1 Reroll/2S.
Imbue: Give an item a spirit Effect for 2S.

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